Ineo+ 6000

Quality output with amazing imaging capabilities
high-speed colour printing
Up to 280,000 pages per month
Powerful choice of controllers
Handles a broad range of media (up to 300 g/m²)
Wide variety of finishing options

What our customers say

About 18 months ago I changed rental company for my photocopier to The Copier Company. Is was the best thing I have done, the service you get from them is BRILIANT. The contract and rental charges are all explained and there are no hidden extras.

If I run out of ink or anything else, I just have to E Mail them and it is delivered within one or two days, which is great. It very rarely breaks down and if it does once again an E mail is sent, within the hour they phone to make arrangements to come out the same day or next day. The photocopier is so easy to use, very rarely jams up with paper, its a great asset. I would not swap to any other company.

I have also used The Copier company provisions store, I receive a very polite, helpful person who finds everything i need, this is also delivered quickly.

Another best thing about this company they are always at the end of a telephone or E mail to resolve any problems.

I am writing to express my gratitude for the quality of the photocopier that you have provided and the service within the maintenance contract that you have provided. Like many firms, our past experience of photocopier companies has been variable. We knew that we were not happy with our current photocopier contract and it was with some intrepidation that we agreed to come to your firm for our Barnsley office. You recommended that we exchange our Sharp machine for one of yours and on that basis, you offered us a price per page which is very much better than that that we were paying. Since then, we have had to call on your services a few times, but as far as we can tell, on none of those occasions was it due to a malfunction of the machine. The service was very prompt and always resolved the problem. We have also noticed that when we have sought to contact you, you have always returned our calls expeditiously. We will have no hesitation in recommending your company to any of our contacts.

Can I just express our complete satisfaction with the installation, training and service provided by the Copier Company. It is now some 5 years since we started our working partnership and that partnership has developed through good account management, regular reviews and engineer support and training.

We as a business appreciate all the support and commitment with all the changes to the installation schedule and moving of deadlines to accommodate our recent moves. It is a refreshing change to have a team that are flexible and come in and work along side us and meet our business requirements ensuring that as we grow we have the right equipment to support the growth is paramount to us.

I look forward to working with you and your team going forward.

We have rented a konica Minolta photocopier for the past 4 ½ years from the Copier company. The machine has been very reliable but on the rare occasions when we have needed support it has arrived very quickly. The service staff are very well informed and can solve the copiers problems swiftly. We use the copier as a printer for the school and any toner that we request comes the next day – free of charge. We have made savings on not using ink toners. The company request the copy usage monthly and an accurate invoice arrives each month. The staff are friendly and helpful and we have enjoyed our relationship with the company.

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