ineo+ 220/280: Excellence and economy in colour and b/w

The new series of DEVELOP devices is made up of the ineo+ 220 and ineo+ 280. Technically speaking, the three devices are almost identical. The main difference is in their rated engine speed – at 22 and 28 A4 pages per minute respectively. Barbara Prudel, the DEVELOP product manager responsible for the ineo+ 220/280, points to their particular strengths: “This new series of colour multifunctional devices is not only an economical solution for business document production, each device also produces prints and copies of excellent quality. A feature you and your customers will notice straightaway.”

Outstanding output
Colour or black & white – the quality of the prints and copies produced on an ineo+ 220/280 stands out immediately. The ultra-fine particles of the new polymerised HD toner enable these devices to deliver such razor-sharp text and contrast-rich images. But the HD toner also brings other benefits. Its lower fusing temperature means these devices can handle a wider choice of media and the documents printed or copied come with improved folding and UV resistance qualities. The impact such documents generate ensures a rapid return on investment.

Convincing (multi)functionality
The ineo+ 220/280 is a genuine all-rounder. Its ability to print, copy, scan and optionally fax will turn it into the hub of office communication, especially as the first display page of the colour touchscreen monitor can be customised to include buttons for frequently used functions. Besides serving as a fast, reliable printer and a digital copier, the ineo+ 220/280 can also scan at up to 70 ppm (if fitted with the automatic document feeder) and offers useful functions such as scan to e-mail, scan to FTP, scan to SMB and scan to user box (individual storage space for each user on the hard disc e.g. for confidential documents). The fax options include network, PC and iFax functions, and faxes can either be redirected to e-mail addresses or stored in a user box or on a PC. The ineo+ 220/280 is just as much an all-rounder in its finishing and media-handling capabilities. The finishing options include automatic production of entire booklets (up to 60 pages), stapled and punched handouts such as banners of up to 1.2 metres in length (e.g. for outside windows). The system can also handle a wide range of media, including any format from A6 postcards (e.g. for mailshots) to A3+ (e.g. for graphics), paper of up to 271 g/m2, non-standard formats, covers, address stickers and envelopes.

Environmentally sound
Environmental considerations should now be an important factor in selecting an office printer, especially as a device like the ineo+ 220/280 will normally be located close to the users’ desks. In this respect the DEVELOP device is a sound investment. Besides boasting Blue Angel and Energy Star awards, the ineo+ 220/280 runs very quietly and economically, requiring little power. Apart from that, more than 90% of its components are recyclable, which is an important consideration even though ineo machines have a reputation for long-lasting reliability.

Reassuring data security
The issue of business data security has often hit the headlines in recent months. There is a growing awareness that data security needs to be taken seriously, and in this respect the ineo+ 220/280 can set the purchaser’s mind at rest. The standard security features include an encrypted hard disk, a function that ensures data are indeed deleted when overwritten and the possibility of restricting access to the system to authorised users or cost centres.

All in all, the ineo+ 220/280 is ideally equipped to serve the needs of businesses wanting both high quality output and economical printing in colour and black & white. The ineo+ 220/280 adds to that numerous functions and features that make the system to the center of office communication.

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