Attractive solution for a small office: DEVELOP 191F

Langenhagen, November 2007.

Routine tasks such as printing, copying and faxing can take up a lot of precious time in a small office. Where few staff are available, an office device that can enhance efficiency, boost productivity and speed up document produc-tion is a sensible buy. In this respect, the DEVELOP 191F has a lot to offer. Faster and more economical than a desktop printer, more functional than an analogue copier and with networked printing and scanning capabilities available, this all-rounder promises a rapid return on investment.

Designed to meet the needs of any small or home office, the DEVELOP 191F is a versatile workplace tool that prints, copies, scans and faxes to professional standards. As a full-blown GDI printer, it delivers 19 A4 prints per minute at 600 dpi. That is faster than most office ink-jet printers. Moreover, the print quality is outstanding thanks to a high-density polymerised toner with its smoother, smaller particles. The DEVELOP 191F copies up to A4 documents and has an integrated 80-page automatic document feeder (ADF) for added convenience with multiple copies. It also operates as a TWAIN scanner for up to A4 originals in black and white or colour and, last but not least, provides state-of-the-art Super G3 fax functionality. All this comes via a standard USB 2.0 interface so the DEVELOP 191F simply plugs into any PC.


No office user wants to waste time working out how a multifunctional device actually works. Fortunately, the design of the DEVELOP 191F is entirely functional and its 2-line, 20-character LCD user interface easy to operate.


This multifunctional machine is a good deal more economical to run than most older, single-function printers, copiers or fax machines. The savings begin with the consumables. Only one set is required for all four functions. State-of-the-art technology ensures low running costs. The duplex printing function on the 191F also significantlys reduce paper consumption in of-fices where multi-page documents are common. This multifunctional machine is also eco-nomical on space, which is usually at a premium in small offices.


The DEVELOP 191F proves than multifunctionality need not mean mediocrity. The quality of the prints and copies is of professional standard. An optional network interface card makes network printing and scanning possible – and there is an optional upgrade to a full-blown PCL printer. Features such as time-send, send via memory, broadcast function, an integrated ad-dress book, 40 short dials and a money-saving iFax function (optional) demonstrate the DE-VELOP 191F’s quality as a fax.


In a small office with few staff productivity is critical in the document workflow. The DEVELOP 191F’s multi-access capability makes simultaneous printing and scanning or faxing possible. This minimises the kind of annoying delays that often characterise multifunctional office de-vices. The machine’s standard 550-sheet paper capacity can be extended to 1,050 sheets to prevent time-wasting delays on bigger print or copy jobs and the standard 8 MB of fax mem-ory – enough for up to 650 pages – means than no incoming faxes will be lost through lack of paper. It is features like these that ensure the DEVELOP 191F will save a small business time and money – whether it is installed at a workplace or a central office location.

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