ineo 164 – Simple and straightforward 3-in-1 multifunctionality

Langenhagen June 2010: DEVELOP launches a new multifunctional monochrome system, especially designed for small businesses. The ineo 164 focuses on the speed of copying and ease of usability – key factors for document production in small offices like workshops or craft enterprises, for example.

The ineo 164, however, offers much more besides fast copying and an easy to use operation panel. Barbara Prudel, Product Manager at DEVELOP points out, what really matters to small businesses:
“In the first instance small businesses need a robust and reliable copier for all their daily copying jobs. It therefore does not come as a surprise that in these businesses analogue copiers are still often in use. In this case the ineo 164 is the ideal solution, offering additional benefits for the users: next to fast copying in very good quality and some really useful copy functions, it allows GDI printing and even TWAIN scanning for paper formats up to A3. These features will make it easier to copy or scan construction plans, print time schedules or flow charts, for example.”

Economical ease of use
Even in small businesses the cost of office document production can be a significant factor. Especially older products often consume much energy even when they are not being used. Depending on the printing technology, the price per page can be high as well, for example when using ink-jet devices. A truly economical office system would therefore be an attractive proposition. Here the ineo 164 scores in several ways: the ineo HD toner can already be fixed at a lower temperature, reducing the energy consumption even more. However, energy is not only saved while the system is in use, energy is also reduced while the system is in energy save mode or the sleeping mode. No surprise that the ineo 164 easily surpasses the Energy Star requirements and thus helps to minimise energy consumption and costs.

User-friendly multifunctionality
No office user wants to waste time trying to work out how to operate a complicated machine. Therefore the ineo 164 has been designed to save users time: thanks to its clearly structured operational panel with only a few buttons, the device is very easy to use. Even infrequent users get the desired results right away. Add to that the copying speed of up to 16 ppm and the fast first copy out time of only 8 seconds, waiting times at the system will surely be an issue of the past. Furthermore, the ID card copy function allows the front and the reverse of an ID or driving licence, for instance, to be copied on just one sheet. The 2-in-1 and 4-in-1 function go in the same direction allowing two or more originals to be copied in one sheet – a time and paper saving feature.

Compact and lightweight design combined with high media flexibility
The 16 ppm 600 x 600 dpi monochrome printer/copier can handle paper sizes from A5 all the way up to A3 and weights from 64 g/m2 to 157 g/m2. The main paper tray has maximum paper capacity of 250 sheets, while the optional bypass tray holds up to 100 sheets.
All in all, the ineo 164 with its compact footprint (570 x 531mm) is an efficient and economical performer for essential office functions. In small businesses it can also be expected to improve productivity through a faster information workflow and improved communication capabilities.

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